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VIP Evolution


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vip evolution veicolo

VIP Evolution (year 2012)

VIP Evolution is a research project in which four companies, in collaboration with Regione Toscana, developped an industrial research acitivity aimed to find technical solutions and optimizations to integrate and improve the results of the former project VIP.

Efforts have focused on the following main themes:

  • Electric permanent magnets motors specifically design and developped to be integrated in the wheels
  • Innovative electro-hydraulic-mechanical steering system
  • Innovative suspension and braking system
  • Integration of renewable energy acquisition systems for auxiliary devices (photovoltaic panel mounted on the roof)
  • Weight reduction of the whole vehicle through mainframe aluminium extruded profiles lightening
  • Recovery system of the energy resulting from motors cooling

The Project (valued over 1,1 M€) has involved the following four companies:

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VIP Veicolo Innovativo Polifunzionale


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V.I.P. Project (May 2009)

VIP is a research project in which four companies, in collaboration with Regione Toscana, have focused their professional skills coming from different sectors (industrial, railway and automotive) for the development of a vehicle fit for the new kinds of mobility issues nowadays requested.

The efforts have focused in the design of an electric traction vehicle equipped with a series of devices and advanced technological innovations coming, mainly, from railway technology. The concept of this vehicle is off from the normal design and manufacturing concept typical of the automotive sector. The use of the vehicle is thought to become "shared", so that no mobility freedom is lost. Mobility can, so, be actuated in the maximum comfort and in the respect of the environment.

The project (valued over 2 M€) involved the following four companies:

vip progetto


Smart City Progetto MIST


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Bando Smart City Progetto “MIST” Modular Intelligent System of Transportation (November 2012)


MIST is an european project in which 17 among entreprenuers and Universities from 4 nations have joined for the design and development of a monorail electric vehicle fit for environment mobility of the future.

The project, actually in development phase, is valued about 13 M€ and is for 60% carried out by tuscan entrepreneurs. The 7 companies of Meccatronica Pistoiese take part for 5,5 M€, and tuscan universities for 2,5 M€.



Smart City Progetto TMT-SII


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Bando Smart City Progetto TMT-SII (November 2012)

Sii-Mobilityis an Italian national project to devise a new system of mobility fruition with the help of all the latest smartphone technologies to Citizens.


The project, called the Integrated Support Interoperability for Services to Citizens and governments, has passed the first place the first phase of setting and is in its pre-financing.
The project worth about 22 million euros for 80% consisting of Tuscan companies. For the four companies of the group Meccatronica Pistoiese who participate, that is about 2.6 million, and 4.4 million euros for the Universities of Tuscany.

smart-city progetto


Cluster Progetto Tesys Rail


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Bando Cluster Progetto Tesys Rail (August 2012)

Tuscan SMEs won the Italian Goverment Funding Railway Cluster Call and are realizing the R&D project "Tesys Rail". The project worth 12 M€, 6 M€ on regional territory to 19 tuscan entrepreneurs and 4 tuscan universities. 7 Meccatronica Pistoiese compoanies are involved at various levels in the project: a first theme is an innovative HVAC system freon gas free, a second is an innovative signalling system carried out by ECM Railway Evolution.





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SAFE PIPELINE WORKINGis a research project for the development of innovative fluid interception and hot tapping system for gas, oil and over-heated water supply pipelines without interruption of service. The SPW system allows the interception of the flow, the execution of a by-pass, the execution of the maintenance/repair intervention on the pipeline in absolutely safe conditions for the worker and the environment, as the fluid leakages in the atmosphere are extremely reduced.
The project worth 850.000 €, and has been ultimated in September 2012.

oil-gas progetto

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