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VIP - Polyfunction Innovative Vehicle


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Basic Idea for V.I.P. Project

The project raises from the need of a complete renewal of the Mobility Conception, for environmental, economical and practical reasons.

International studies have shown the non-sustainability of the present transportation sector development growth, and the absolute need of a new deal able to avoid great wastes of resources.

The main goal of these studies (that are developped in this project) are:
- Reduction of circulating vehicles
- Reduction of environment and acoustic pollutions
- Increase of available urban spaces
- Reduction of environment resources exploitation
- Meaningful savings in family economics.
This Project has been totally studied and driven to realization through the capability of four firms. These firms are an important component of the Ansaldobreda External Design System for Railway Sector in Pistoia: in the V.I.P. Project all the experiences acquired in many years of this co-operation are employed.
V.I.P. Projects aims to introduce an innovative way for singles and small groups mobility so that mass transit mobility systems (airplanes, trains, metros, buses) can be encouraged without penalizing areas like historical downtowns and others in which the transportation is frequently limited to private means.
V.I.P. (Innovative Polyfunctional Vehicle) has raised for a mainly urban use (example for car-sharing), it’s totally electronically assisted for Public Traffic Management. The vehicle is quite adaptable to many configurations depending on the passengers flow. The vehicle is designed for, at least, a15 years-long life with low maintenance; it is also equipped with several safety systems for passengers.

Main technical features:

  • The Vehicle can get several configurations: 5 seats or 2 + HK, 7 seats or 6 + HK, 2 seats with rear loading space.
  • Advanced Electrical Motors with Proportional management of Battery Charge.
  • High Distance Batteries (from 150 to 200 Km)
  • Aluminium alloys Frame
  • Interior lining in anti-bacterial materials
  • Automatic HK uploading and downloading system
  • GPS controlled Maximum Speed of 70 Km/h
  • Touristic info and entertainment onboard system equipped with monitor
  • Vehicle Safety anti-alcohol and narcotics assumption control systems.
  • Driver’s attention control system with active intervention
  • Street borders projection on front window for visibility in case of fog.
  • Onboard system with messages projected on the front window.
  • Internal system for air moisture management
  • Bacterial Automatic Sanitization System

Companies involved:

- Argos Enginnering

- Cabel

- Agresti Calamai

- Filoni

- Luis Chomiak Designer

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