Ansaldo-Breda Sirio


Since 2001 Argos occupied of Tram Sirio HVAC plant design assembling all the components, previously mounted directly on the vehicle roof, on a separate frame to handle as a single assembly.

The experience acquired in this work guided Argos in the design of inner energy flows (energy transfer liquids water/glycol) and inner air-conditioned supply with functional tests in Climatic Chamber.

Plants optimization on several Sirio vehicles.

Design and Prototype of HVAC Driver-Cab’s plant for Sirio Goteborg with functional tests in climatic chamber.

Inner fluids piping development for Chiller conditioning plant water/glycol-Air.

Whole vehicle plants arrangement including groundings.

Inner air-conditioning openings and resin lining design.

Companies involved:

- Argos Engineering
- Cabel Elettronica
- Filoni