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The perfect synchronicity of a gear mechanism is given by the strength and the commitment of every single tooth






ISIF is specialized in the sector of natural gas distribution, management gas pipelines, realization of new piping lines, maintenance on piping systems and derivation lines, realization of specialized interventions on piping systems in medium and low pressure without interruption of service. The company is busy in specialized technical managements on technological networks, natural gas pipelines, water pipelines, oil pipelines, pipe for the transport of oil derivatives and fluid.

The company also carries out commercial and managerial activity of the networks and proposes to furnish this service to delivery companies, towns and private industries; the technical and commercial management includes planning and estimating of networks extension for natural gas distribution and the whole part of necessary forms for usages cessations and activation new usages, management defaulting, periodic reading of meters, data processing and charging.

The company proposes itself as a mission (through a focused process of specialization) to become the leader in the field of the interventions on pressured pipelines through the use of instrumentation for the interception of the flows Stop System. The typology of interventions is separated in two categories: the first one concerns maintenance services of high specialized content, such as interventions on pressured piping systems, jobs of welding by means of our own technologies high risk pipelines (gas, ammonia, gasoline); the second one interests the rebalancing of the networks for the distribution of the natural gas and of the drinkable water. Our intention is to apply the high technological systems historically used on pipelines of 1° and 2° species in the field of the industrial systems (video inspect systems of pipelines internal recovery, plugging flow systems, mechanisms for fire prevention of environments and pipelines, analysis gas, tests of explosiveness of environments and networks).

The interventions are always realized with our own technologies without interruption of productivity even for high temperature flows (300°). The job made on pressured pipelines is handed out to employer firm with the following tests and documents:

- ultrasonic tests on welded joints necessary for the realization of the intervention performed by specialized staff;

- tests of workability of ruined pipe parts performed with thickness meters;

- tests with specialized instruments for checking of protection reinstatement on worked parts;

- photographic documentation of the intervention’s phases.

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