meccanica elettronica informatica pistoia

The perfect synchronicity of a gear mechanism is given by the strength and the commitment of every single tooth





The firm, which has mainly carried out their activity in rail and tram sector for years, operates at present in following four separate sectors for which they have by now accrued specific skills:

    * Rail and tram vehicle outfitting and mounting
    * Implementing interior fitting and floors
    * Machining
    * Welding structural work activity

In addition to both administration premises and manufacturing site in the industrial area of Montale (PT), one more  manufacturing site is located in the industrial area at Pistoia, namely S. Agostino site, approximately covering 3000 sheltered sq. m.

Via Garibaldi 23/A
51037 MONTALE (PT)
Phone +39 0573 558216
Fax +39 0573 954200
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