meccanica elettronica informatica pistoia

The perfect synchronicity of a gear mechanism is given by the strength and the commitment of every single tooth



The attitude to innovation has found, in this territory, an effective embodiment since the times of “Leonardo da Vinci”; transforming and modelling materials for the most different uses has always been, and still is nowadays, an activity in which the firms of our territory are committed.

Pistoia’s territory has always been strongly linked to ancient jobs that, in the past centuries, have led to the raise of a series of Industrial and Artisan Firms which, nowadays, are working with the most up-to-date technologies not forgetting their tradition.

Pistoia’s territory is characterized by a plenty of activities in different sectors: it has given place to Foundries, has a good tradition in Machines for Pasta Production Cycle (from Cold-Drawing to Packaging Machines), Salami Manufacturing Machines, Tyres Manufacturing Machines, Textile and Tissue-non Tissue Production Plants, Leather and Skin Industry Machines, Wood Shaping Machines (for the Furniture District of Quarrata). 

Last but not least, our Main Firm ANSALDOBREDA, active on our territory since the beginning of the 20th Century with the name of “Officine San Giorgio”, and the plenty of supplier Firms that have raised around.

This system of Firms reflects the Italian attitude to solve different kinds of problems in the industrial field by means of the characteristics and capabilities of each of them.

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